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Getting Started

Examples and Explanations

To get started building with RISC Zero, take a look at these examples, which feature explanations and tutorials for code available in our GitHub repositories:

  • Hello World in Rust - Our starter project for the RISC Zero zkVM. If you're just getting started writing code for the zkVM, we recommend reading (and playing with) this repository.

  • RISC Zero Battleship - To see a more complex use of the RISC Zero zkVM in action, take a look at this working Battleship game. Here, players use private game board states to track whether opponents have sunk their battleships.

  • RISC Zero Digital Signatures - In this example, you'll see how to verifiably sign code run inside the RISC Zero zkVM. This example features a post-quantum digital signature generated using only SHA-2 as a cryptographic primitive.

Open Source Repositories

  • Rust Crates - If you're a Rust user, you'll find RISC Zero crates here, ready to be included in your existing projects.

  • Contribute to RISC Zero - If you're interested in how RISC Zero projects for the zkVM work, or curious about contributing to this project, come take a look at our main project repository.